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Since moving to Los Angeles, renowned musicians in the industry have recognized this special artist as an innovator, with her incomparable vocal abilities, distinct piano punctuations, and lauded songwriting, Fior consistently writes a well-crafted, often heart-tugging buncha stuff that takes her listeners on, even more, surprisingly emotional twists and turns. 

In two years time, after her attendance at the renowned "Berklee College of Music", she was virtually sharing the stage with a "Who's Who" of Rock & Roll history.  Fior has been invited to share the mic with legends like Stevie Wonder, Roger Daltrey (the Who), has stood in for Steve Perry performing lead vocals with Neil Schon (Journey), has shared the stage with greats like, Simon Kirke (free/Bad Company), Jack Blades (Nightranger), Mickey Hart (Grateful Dead), and many others.  Undeniably, when you watch and hear Fior perform, the powerful mood-soaked affair makes you feel reminiscent of anthem songwriters like Billy Joel and Elton John, cultivating her obvious affinity for learning from those who've gone before her, she's absolutely created something entirely new.  ​


L.A. Daily News: "Fior, a one word name, like Cher or Madonna", "It's refreshing to see such young, wide-eyed passion", "You always know rather quickly who has real ability". -- (Gerry Gittleson)

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Little Pieces of Me

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'Fior performs her single GYPSY LIVE. 

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