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Shawty Boy

Born Antonio G. Watson (July 6, 1991) to Carmeica Watson and Gabriel Payne, is the first born and oldest sibling of Chaz’min Watson and Shane Battle. His inspiration and love of hip-hop started at a young age. As a teenager, his parent’s split caused his mother to relocate from his current home at Mechanicville Project’s to Bankhead Highway. Drug’s and crime forced the family to move yet again to Douglasville, GA, which would become the foundation for Shawty to discover music. Shawty's hardships inspired him to start writing rap lyrics to express himself, in a place where he felt he needed a voice.

In 02, Shawty Boy formed his first rap group in Douglasville, a three-member trio known as Murk Mobb Bullets. Shawty's drive and passion lead the group, but the other members were not as driven, and the group split ways in 03'. In 06, Shawty Boy formed another group called C.D.C. (Crank Da Crowd), which featured his younger cousin, Wachovious Glenn aka Killa-Kobe.

Shawty began developing a reputation as the hottest teen rapper in Atlanta.  Shawty released the single "Put Dem A’s Up" that grew local notary amongst Atlanta's Hip Hop teens, quickly becoming a street anthem.  In 08 Shawty made an appearance with Alphamega and T.I. in the video "Uh-Huh." He also appeared in the Mica Swain video, "Shawty There Da Truth." In April of 09, Shawty set fourth to further his career as a solo artist signing with Free Spirit Entertainment and Genesis Music Group, co-founded by Ronald Lopes, the younger sibling of the late multi-million dollar recording artist Lisa 'Left-Eye' Lopes of TLC. Co-managing the label was Eric Arnold, prior manager of the popular R&B duo BLAQUE. Shawty released his second single, "Dey Like My Swagg," again making its way as a popular street anthem. The single streamed over 5,000 plays the first day it was released.

In November 2010 Shawty Boy met Robert Thorn. Their collaboration lead to Shawty Boy signing a major deal with Executive Music Group/Fontana/Universal ran by Jacob Cap "The Executive" and Jimmy Swan. Shawty Boy released his first mainstream single in 2012, "Bet I Smash Her". Shawty is already in the studio working on a variety of new projects including the likes of the Eastside Boyz, Darnell Robinson, Project Pat, Slim Dunkin, Daron Jones (112), DJ Montana White, and CP Hollywood.



featuring Y.U.N.G.


featuring Soulja Boy



Shawty Boy featuring Soulja Boy


Shawty Boy featuring Tew Gone

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